03 September 2009

Dutch Clubmatch 2009

Last weekend we went to the Dutch Clubmatch from the B.D.C.N. in Mijnsheerenland.
We took 2 females with us; Edra de L' Aube Rouge & Jlo delle Querse Rosse and we booked some realy good results.
Our Edra took 3th place in Breeder Class & Jlo took 4th place in Junior Class out of 18 females.
The comment of the judge was that Jlo was the best in her class, but it was a shame that she don't want to move that day....:-(
We are looking forward to show her soon again....!!
Thanks everyone for the nice day together -X-
Edra de L' Aube Rouge Jlo delle Querse Rosse

05 August 2009

Some new dogs in our kennel

We want to presen you some of our new dogs in our kennel;
Honneybear de L' Aube Rouge
Jlo del Querse Rosse from Italië.

This is our new female form Italië Jackie del Querce Rosse

Here you see a nice headshot from our black mask female Iael de L' Aube Rouge.

05 July 2009

Visit from Finland.......!!!!

Tero & Henna from Finland went to our home to visit us and our dogs...........!!
Here Tero with Keaf.

Hero with the lovely Cetje.

Henna with Chakrah.
Thank you friends for the nice time together.
Looking forward to meet soon again.

22 May 2009

Puppies 2009

No puppies for sale at the moment. If you are interested in a puppie from our kennel you can contact us by e-mail for information about our planned litters for 2009.

I-litter on these pictures.

Some young L' Aube Rouge dogs........

Here some new upcomming L' Aube Rouge dogs.

This a black mask female at the age of only
4 months old. Her name is Iaël de L' Aube Rouge.
And her red mask brother Ioda.

Here Michel & Pascale with some young
dogs in our kennel.

Cetje with his 2 girlfriends :-))

On the right our lovely girl Edra de L' Aube Rouge.